Automatized process control software for laser manufacturing

We prevent collisions during laser cutting. Utilizing an entirely new cutting order combined with new processes in laser manufacturing, our technology automatically allows for the highest collision safety. Even complex geometries are mathematically analyzed and cut safely, with no impact on quality or reliability.

Intelligent software for machine tools

WSoptics develops new kinds of software for the machine tool market. The software is specifically designed to require little user interaction. Strong software works independently through artificial intelligence—better than a human could.

Control of manufacturing processes

Microcontrollers handle increasingly complex tasks for a higher degree of automization in manufacturing. WSoptics develops the corresponding sensors, actors, and controllers, custom-designed for the specific task.

Add-on components for machine tools

We develop add-on components for existing machine tools to integrate new production steps into existing ones. This leads to a higher productivity at lower costs, better space utilization, and reduced staff requirements. Using clever techniques, these components can be integrated without additional adaptations to existing software solutions.

Technology and process development in laser manufacturing

WSoptics offers expertise for developing new technologies and processes in the area of laser manufacturing. We have years of experience, ranging from research in the foundations of laser technology to commercial laser-based manufacturing.