WSi4 ist a free 3D Software that integrates all aspects of metal manufacturing, from construction to the complete assembly. It allows its users to create quotes, cost calculations, and manufacturing documents at maximum efficiency.

WSi4 is being actively developed and is currently in public test phase.

WSi4 can be downloaded from here:

Download WSi4

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WSi4 is an independent 3D software. It offers
  • import of 2D (DXF) and 3D (STEP) models
  • integrated document management
  • customer management
  • handling of arbitrary worksteps
  • Unified format for exchanging manufacturing information between customers and suppliers
  • direct connection to ERP systems
  • no dependency upon third-party tools


WSi4 tries to minimize required user efforts by offering a high degree of automization, thus maximizing customer benefits. It automatically generates
  • precise unfoldings of 3d models
  • manufacturing documents
  • quotes
  • cost calculations
  • bills of materials
  • press brake programs
  • interactive 3D HTML files

Redefine data exchange between customer and supplier

WSi4 allows exchanging entire manufacturing trees between customer and supplier. The integrated document management system makes it possible to attach arbitrary files, associating them to relevant worksteps or articles.