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Automatical QR-Code engraving on components with existing TRUMPF laser or punching machine

With WSqr, your laser cutter marks your parts individually during its normal cutting operation.

Logos, part numbers, order numbers, date, consecutive number, images, …

The Code-Engraving is placed within seconds with the laser.

  • Without extra workprocess
  • No room for mistakes


  • Processing time less than 8 seconds
  • Autonomous programming
  • For all TRUMPF machines from year 2006 and up (Flatbed, punch laser and tube machines)
  • CO2 and fiber
  • Your laser part = manufacturing document
  • Unique component identification at any time

Mode of operation

Mode of operation

The postprocessor reads all relevant data from external sources like the customer’s ERP system and creates a new machine program with integrated codes.

  • Identification of parts
  • Identification of parts’ information (park geometry, name, next manufacturing step, …)
  • Code generation based on part information
  • Turning of generated code into geometric trajectory for machine
  • Generating NC code based on geometry and WSoptics engraving technology
  • Intelligent selection of laser technology
  • Integrated laser technology management and integration into machine program
  • Replacing original machine program with new one
  • Fully embeddable into customer’s existing programing system
Mode of operation

Code Types

Code Types
  • QR
  • Datamatrix
  • Barcode
Code Types